About Us

When we got our dog, Marley, we quickly found that her favourite treat was peanut butter. After doing some research we discovered nearly all peanut butters have added salt, sugar and other nasties which are harmful to dogs.


We started making our own and loved it. Our goal was to create a peanut butter that would be good for dogs as well as meet a few extra needs that are more specific to our furry friends. We wanted different thicknesses for pouring or putting inside toys.

Why is human peanut butter not good for dogs?

There are many things in humans food that is not good for our furry friends. Peanut butter is popular with dogs we decided to make one which is completely safe. 

That means none of the following:

Salt - To much salt is toxic to dogs and can cause neurological symptoms and in some cases death. 

Sugar - Too much sugar for dogs does the same thing it does to humans, meaning it can cause problems with your dogs teeth, make it overweight and can lead to diabetes.

Xylitol - an artificial sweetener. Can cause blood sugar to drop and liver failure.